Interview: Collab With Starling

Hey guys! It's my second post on TSS! Today I'm gonna do a collab/interview with Starling! She is awesome, and has a great blog. Q: Why did you start your blog? A. I was in a blogging class, and it took off from there. Q: How many siblings do you have? A: 2. John and Sarah. …

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Photography Contest!!(Re-blog)

Hi! this is a Re-blog, so if you want to enter just go to this blog. And go to contact and then just follow the directions below. thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello All!! As you can tell by the title, I am hosting a Photography Contest! I will Be the Judge, There will be two teams team robin and team …

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Well Hello!

Hello there! My name is Kate, and I'm from CommuniKate. I was just added to "The Sunshine Stop", and look forward to posting. I will be posting reviews, sailing adventures, re-blogs and pics!

What about Siblings?

Please read this awesome post that Amie posted!!

Crazy A

Maybe I’m a bit late.  Okay, I’m always late.  If I had know that yesterday was National Sibling day, I would have written this post earlier.  But…It’ll come around next year, right?

I’m one of seven children.  Wow?  Did your eyes pop out?  Haha, I’m used to that reaction.  Do you want to know a secret?  Lately I’ve been wanting even more siblings.  Why?  Well, I love my siblings.  They’re my best friends, and my work team.  We work together, talk together, laugh together, and live together.  Without my crowd of siblings, I’d be lost.

Since I love my siblings so much, does that mean we get along perfectly?  Of course not!  I’m often fighting with my little sister, or getting upset at my little brother.  I even get annoyed with my older brother!  (I’m second oldest.)  But if you ask them for forgiveness for getting upset, it doesn’t matter…

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